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Credit infusions into milk rivers

28 March 2017 - Zhambyl Region
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MFO Atameken Taraz will support the creation of the agricultural cooperative Zhualy sut for the development of the dairy cluster. The preliminary agreement was reached during the meeting of the management of the microfinance organization Atameken Taraz, the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Zhambyl Region, the LLP Burnen Dairy Company, and 32 producers of raw milk , which are the constant suppliers of the plant of this company. During the meeting, all the conditions necessary for the creation of the agricultural cooperative "Zhualy Sut" were discussed, for obtaining microcredit, as well as the conditions and tools for supporting agricultural cooperatives within the framework of the new government program for supporting the agro-industrial complex for 2017-2021. "The interaction between the producers of raw milk and the processor in the person of Burnen's dairy company is built transparently and very correctly. They have already developed the practice of agreeing with the milk suppliers prices, volumes and quality of milk. This is very appealing, since the platform for the cooperative "Zhualy Sut" has already been created today. Now we only need to work for further development", - said Karlygash Aralbekova, Director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Zhambyl Region, who commented on the results of the meeting. Last year, the Chamber of Entrepreneurs managed to unite for the first time 42 manufacturers and processors of milk and dairy products in the Merken district. The created SEC "Merkі Onimderi" became the first client of the MFO "Atameken Taraz", the loans were directed for purchase of the breeding stock of milk cattle, which allowed to increase the milk yield. The loan committee of the microfinance organization approved 15 applications for a total of 141.5 million KZT, 7 projects were financed for the amount of KZT 56 million, thanks to which 163 heads of cattle were already purchased. MFO Atameken Taraz was established last year to microcredit small businesses in rural areas, as well as women's businesses in the countryside, on the initiative of the Council of Business Women of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Zhambyl region. Today, the MFO has reviewed 34 applications for financing, the credit committee approved 26 applications for a total of 221.7 million KZT, among which the CPC for the cultivation of dairy cattle of the dairy sector "Merke Onimderi"; SPK "Bee complex of "AraTau", projects on plant growing (growing sugar beet), livestock, bakery products and services. "Agriculture is one of the key branches of the region's economy.

According to statistics, as of January 1, 2017, the number of peasant farms was 15 821 or 27.8% of the total business. The flow of appeals to the Chamber of Entrepreneurs showed the inaccessibility of financial resources through second-tier banks and other financial institutions for the agricultural business, so the microfinance organization that we created does not lose its relevance. Our microcredits are preferential. The amount of up to KZT15 million with an annual commission of 4 percent, the processing time is two weeks, and we are also distinguished by a loyal collateral policy. The only restriction is that we finance only the countryside", - said Karlygash Aralbekova.

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