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Police officers subjected to disciplinary measures in Zhambyl region

17 May 2019 - Zhambyl Region
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The Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Zhambyl has received an appeal from Marven Tour LLP, regarding the activity of the policemen: the buses were illegally got towed to the impound lot.

The Regional Chamber in February of this year initiated a letter to the Police Department of Zhambyl region asking for clarification the grounds for the abovementioned actions. At the same time, the Chamber sent an appeal to the prosecutor of Zhambyl region to consider the adoption of measures to protect and restore the legal rights and interests of Marven Tour LLP, as well as the Chamber’s experts initiated the consideration of bringing to justice the policemen.

According to the police department, the company installed beds instead of seats in their buses.

“While the vehicle registration certificates state that vehicles have a “Sleeping Salon”. In turn, this suggests that the documents of title of the Partnership met all the requirements of the state body that issued permits for the registration and operation of vehicles,” Yernur Nurzhigitov, an expert of the Department for Protection of Entrepreneurs' Rights and Reduction of Administrative Barriers of Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Zhambyl region, said.

The prosecutor's office of the Zhambyl region sent a letter to the Police Department to verify the legality of the actions of the patrol police officers  when towing buses to the impound lot, as well as the staff of the registration and examination department when issuing a certificate of vehicle registration.

As a result, the Police Department conducted an internal investigation to establish all the circumstances of the incident. Head of the Police Department Arman Orazaliyev decided to bring the police officers to strict disciplinary responsibility for improper execution performance of their duties.


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