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Atameken Taraz MFI leased out eighth incubator

18 December 2019 - Zhambyl Region
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On the eve of the Independence Day, the Atameken Taraz MFI leased out the  Balapan-16 incubator to the monocity resident of Karatau Yerbol Baimoldin.

Accompanied by the branch of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Talas district, Yerbol Baimoldin was trained under the Business Advisor project, obtained a lease and purchased an incubator with a capacity of 1,076 eggs of broiler hens of Hubbard, a breed of meat type, and 2 brooders for 500 heads. In addition, the credit committee received a positive decision from the Fund for Financial Support of Agriculture in the amount of KZT 5 million.

The Head of the Dostyk IE plans to develop business and bring 4,000 heads of turkeys of meat type, and 1,000 heads of laying hens and provide Talas district with quality products.

"Automatic multifunctional industrial incubator uses the latest generation microcomputer technology, equipped with heat and humidity sensors. Thanks to the latest technology, sensors have become smaller and more accurate in determining humidity and temperature. This incubator is an energy-saving and fast device that is easy to use. This incubator is well suited for growing small species of birds such as chickens, ducks, and geese," Murat Birzhanov, Credit Manager of the Atameken Taraz MFI, said.

"Acquisition and further operation of this equipment will ensure the reduction of incubation costs, increase labour productivity, reduce total repair and maintenance costs, expand the volume of the farm and increase its competitiveness. The presented project is socially important, has a high level of profitability and is able to develop with its own funds in the shortest possible time," Olzhas Karzhauov, Director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Zhambyl region, said.

The microfinance organization is planning to lease four more incubators at 6% by the end of the year.

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