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05 September 2017 - Zhambyl Region
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The producers of Zhambyl region were told about a new online tool for entering the CIS markets

Many Kazakhstani businessmen have established sales markets and now, as they say, they "cook in their own juice". But it was possible to make wider use of available opportunities. For example, to enter not only Kazakhstani, but also foreign markets. Here for many businessmen the question arises: how to do it? A series of business seminars "Yes, you can export!" Organized by ZOODEL and supported by the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan "Atameken" came to the rescue.

Business seminars started on 31st of July and will end on 7th of September this year. They are conducted within the framework of the state program "Promoting the promotion of the export of Kazakh goods to foreign markets". In addition to NCE RK "Atameken", the project is supported by the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, JSC "NC" KAZAKH INVEST "and regional akimats.

Taraz is the eighteenth city from the planned twenty, in which it is planned to hold such a topical event.


Ramazan Ibraimov, Regional Director of JSC National Company KAZAKH INVEST, Ruslan Rakhymbayev - head of the department of agro-industrial complex of the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs in Zhambyl region, Azamat Mukhamed - sales director of ZOODEL, spoke on the issues of state support of exports (service and financial).

During the seminar, new tools for promoting domestic exports were introduced with the use of information technologies, which allow to manage effectively the chain of export operations. Also, the producers of the Zhambyl region received information about a new online tool for entering the markets of the CIS and the Silk Road. This is the international B2B platform ZOODEL, which provides a full range of services for the export and development of SMEs and facilitates the trade of companies in Kazakhstan with other countries, allows suppliers and buyers to optimize their supply network and reduce costs.

"This is the leading B2B platform that facilitates the trade of companies from the countries of the Silk Road (Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Lebanon, China, India and the Russian Federation)", - Ruslan Rakhymbayev said. "This allows suppliers and buyers to optimize their logistics network: it is easy to find a suitable partner for the transaction for the proposed and sought after products".

In addition, there is a complete exchange of information, including detailed specifications and characteristics of goods. Suppliers and buyers can negotiate, place orders, organize delivery, and safely pay for orders using a guaranteed payment system. You can take advantage of additional services, such as, search for a supplier by a price quote or an interpreter.

At the end of the seminar, individual consultations and meetings with representatives of development institutions and ZOODEL were held.

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