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16 August 2016 - Zhambyl Region
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Growers of Zhualy District learn at the workshops of Center of Agrarian Competence how to grow effectively oilseeds

60 farmers of Zhualy District, engaged in crop production, have been trained on "Cost-effective production of oilseeds in the conditions of the Zhambyl region" at the Center of Agrarian Competence NCE RK "Atameken".

Currently more than two thousand agricultural farms operate in Zhualy district of the Zhambyl region. Most producers do not have special education or their professional skills are concentrated only in certain areas of agriculture.

Today in Zhualy District were conducted four training seminars on the topic: "Cost-effective production of oilseeds in the conditions of the Zhambyl region", which was attended by 60 farmers. At the end of seminar all of them were awarded certificates. Seminars were held by the Kazakhstani expert Yerlan Kulkeev - Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Director of the Kazakh Research Institute of agriculture and horticulture.

In the framework of seminars the farms received advice and guidance. All stakeholders, including the basic farms and attendees have received the necessary consultations.

Within the framework of educational seminars on crop, the listeners were provided with detailed information on the technology and service support throughout the growing of seasonal crops, cultivation technologies, including the selection of crops, crop rotation systems, varieties and resources for the care and protection of plants.

In order to conduct high-quality seminars, the Centre of Agrarian Competence plans to hold another five workshops on livestock fattening and dairy cattle breeding in late August - early September of this year.

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