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06 April 2017 - Zhambyl Region

Testing of those wishing to study at the Bastau Business courses ended on 3-4th of April in six districts of Zhambyl region

 The Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Zhambyl region conducted a comprehensive testing of applicants for participation in the Bastau Business program for a month of free training in entrepreneurship. Test results will be known within a week. The courses will start on 9-10th of April. "Applications for testing were submitted by 499 people. According to the plan, by the end of the year 1125 people should be trained at these courses.

The age is very different, from students to pensioners", - said Diana Tukpetova, head of the department of non-financial support for entrepreneurship of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Zhambyl region. For example, a resident of the Baizak region, 57-year-old Shokhikhan Asanov plans to upgrade his skills and financial literacy at the courses, and afterwards plans to take a loan and buy a dairy cattle for milk production. Anyone who does not pass the testing in the first stream will be able to re-apply for training the next time, or to study at other short-term free courses "Business Advisor".

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